Frequently asked questions

To apply, simply get to the 'Get started' link and fill out the application form. 

We get asked this question sometimes so we thought we would clear it up. 

Team Wild Purpose is a 100% legitimate ambassador program developed for engaging the Wild Purpose brand with new audiences. The brand is runned by the co-founders Karl and Tilda. You can watch their story here. It doesn't cost anything to apply to join Team Wild Purpose and there is no contract. You can promote and earn commission as your own pace and there is no obligation to post a certain amount of times on social media. Our goal is to create the best and most rewarding sportswear ambassador program in the world and we are always striving to think of new ways to create a enjoyable experience for our ambassadors. 

If you're unsure about anything, don't hesitate to contact your Wild Purpose using the contact form.

Once you have setup your account you will have a personalised coupon code and a direct link. The direct link, which looks like can be used in your social media bio, in emails, or anywhere you can send a website link. The purpose of this link is to track sales to your ambassador account. If someone clicks on your link and orders from our webstore, you will receive a 10% share of the order total. If the customer forgets to use your personalised coupon code for a discount, you will still receive the commission because the link is tracked using a "cookie" we drop on the customers computer. This makes sure that if they order again within 30 days, you will keep receiving commission. 

Your personalised code serves two purposes. Firstly it gives your friends and fans a discount on products on our store. If they enter your code at the checkout it will discount their order price. Secondly, by using your personalised code on an order it makes sure that you get rewarded for the sale. As long as your coupon code is used on an order, you will immediately receive a commission from the order. Each time you generate a commission you will receive an email with information about the sale.

Once you submit your account we request your code and it takes up to 12 hours for the code to be setup and activated. You will receive an email once it is ready. Remember, your personalisede code is for giving out to your friends and fans and not for ordering your own items. 

We pay out commissions and store credit on the 15th day of every month. Every time your commission balance reaches 300 SEK we initiate a payment to you. If you don't reach this amount within one month then it will just keep rolling over until you reach the payout amount. It will never reset or disappear if you haven't reached the level in a certain time. Our monthly payrun takes 24-48 hours to complete so you will see the payment and get an email notification by the 17th. 

Your personalised coupon code is the code you give out to your friends and fans. It will give customers 10% discount and Free Worldwide Shipping on their order, and also reward you with commission from the order. 

As an ambassador you receive lots of exclusive discount codes you can use to get products for yourself. These exclusive codes can be found in the 'Reward and Discounts' area of your account. Make sure it is only these discount codes that you use for your own orders and not your own personalised code. 

If you would like to change your personalised code just get in touch with your Team Wild Purpose rep via the contact form and we will change it for you. Note that it can take a few days for it to be updated.

No you don't. 

There is no requirement to purchase products in order to become an ambassador or promote the brand. If you would like to take advantage of the exclusive free first order discount codes that is absolutely at your choice. Of course, we want to see you representing the brand but we know that you can also promote the brand in more ways than just wearing our products. You do receive products free of cost but with a small shipping fee. We care about building long term partnerships with our ambassadors and really want to offer the best opportunities to succeed. 


You are under no obligation or contract to only promote Wild Purpose while you are an ambassador.